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    Partners in Quality: Facilitator's Kit

    The bilingual series is intended to support practitioners in the child care field and to enhance the dialogue within communities on the importance of quality child care environments.

    Facilitator's Guide

    • Workshop 1A: Families -- Establishing the Connection
    • Workshop 1B: The Culture Barrier, Establishing the Connection, Reflection
    • Workshop 2A: Impact of the Infrastructure
    • Workshop 2B: Influencing the Infrastructure of Child Care Programs and the Broader Child Care Infrastructure
    • Workshop 3A: Why Have Community Partnerships
    • Workshop 3B: How to Build Community Partnerships
    • Workshop 4A: Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics for Child Care Practitioners
    • Workshop 4B: Guide to Self-Reflection for Child Care Practitioners
    • Workshop 5A: Standards for Quality Child Care Programs
    • Workshop 5B: Standards for Practice for Administrators of Child Care Programs
    Includes: Tips for Facilitators, Handouts for Participants; Masters of Overhead Slides


    $15.00 CDN