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About Us

In 1993 we discovered the Internet and recognized how significant it would be in transforming the world as a primary communication medium. We began working with Paul Harris to develop web-site strategies and seminars that would create digital revenue streams through innovative digital strategies. The Surefire Strategies for Making Money on the Internet was born.

In 1994, Catherine Pagliaro founded C.N. Wylie Group Inc. and Strategic Profits Inc. (SPI) to develop a full line of Internet business solutions for all levels of business, government and educational institutions, not-for-profit and charitable organizations. Educational seminars were developed in 1995 to teach businesses, not-for-profit and charitable organizations the necessary strategies for success on the Web. In August, 1997 SPI tested their first secure online web transactions and began the rollout their full service e-commerce solutions offering in conjunction with their business relationship with Royal Bank of Canada. SPI was one of the first to the market in Canada with such services.

In June of 1998 SPI partnered with Industry Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, GE Capital IT Solutions, to launch the e-commerce pilot,, "Canada's premier marketplace for shopping and fundraising securely on-line". SPI was approached to supply the proven business model, implementation of the e-commerce tools, and training for over 200 SMEs (small to mid-sized businesses) not-for-profit and registered charitable organizations from Newfoundland to BC. The pilot was highly successful. May 1, 1999 became a fully commercialized portal offering e-commerce solutions and is certified with all major banks in Canada and the US for online credit card payments. Idebit is now available for merchants in Canada.

In 2000 Strategic Profits Inc. rolled out the Guysborough county pilot based on the business model. This provided the Atlantic Provinces with a successful template for creating successful online businesses.

In August of 2002, SPI built Payment gateway software for both wireless and Internet cash and credit card payments. The addition of the wireless capability provides SPI with a complete turnkey infrastructure to roll out its proven business model internationally and specifically in developing nations.

The core brand technologies developed by Strategic Profits Inc. were incorporated into PayPaq Solutions Inc., Inc., Gaine Center Inc., and SPIguard Security Solutions Inc in the fall of 2004 to assure a more focused global market penetration. All five companies are owned by C.N. Wylie Group Inc.

Over the last 24 years we have watched what we prophesied back in 1993 come to fruition into full multi-device 24/7 availability of on demand content to consumers. We have experienced demographic groups go from glazed over expressions of what planet are you from with this world wide web superhighway baloney into avid, savvy Internet users. And why it is more critical today to understand your demographic buying or donating habits and behaviors so you can set yourself apart from the masses online. And although technology has transformed and changed significantly your potential paying client still wants to know from you very quickly: What's In It For Me? Why Should I believe You? What's My Call To Action?

That is what we do. Create focused content and analysis within your target demographic so that you increase traffic significantly and then turn that traffic into happy paying clients.

Today Strategic Profits Inc. provides professional services, graphic design and social media strategies and implementation flow through for the C.N. Wylie group of companies as well as for its many customers.

Send us a quote request if you are interested in developing the optimal marketing strategies to increase your revenues and client base!

Areas of Expertise

Over the last 24 years as a pioneer in the Internet space we have developed, implemented and maintained the best in breed applications for your Front end and Back end needs including mobile optimization. We offer a full suite of online business and charitiable tools. Our platform is secure, flexible and stable. All of our applications are fully customizable.

The old saying of "if you build it they will come" has never been more untrue in today's on demand world. Our digital marketing strategies will help you attract new happy paying or donating customers.

Strategic Profits Inc. utilizes Linux and open source operating systems to ensure the highest level of security for its servers and network systems. Only the latest security technology and methodologies are utilized to assure the highest level security is implemented in the development of the solutions software. We follow guidelines when developing all web applications.