Strategic Profits Inc Inc. completes INTERAC Online integration for Canadian Red Cross

Nov 06, 2005

VANCOUVER, British Columbia-- (BUSINESS WIRE)-November 6, 2005- Inc. announced today the "go live" of INTERAC Online by completing integration of the new INTERAC Online technology to Canadian Red Cross's online donation page. This means that any donor wanting to donate online to the Canadian Red Cross can now use either credit or debit card.

INTERAC Online, consumers who are ready to pay an online merchant enabled for iDebit, will be able to click on a button labeled "Pay by INTERAC Online." This will produce a list of participating banks, from which the consumer makes a selection and is routed to that bank's online banking page. Here the consumer enters his/her password for online-banking access along with his/her account number. The bank site will show the consumer the page on the merchant site he/she just left to confirm the transaction, establish which account the consumer wants to pay from, and will then redirect him/her to the merchant's site. Funds will clear and settle overnight.

It is currently only available to Moneris merchant account holders - other banks are coming soon. Please contact a Moneris account rep for pricing details.

"INTERAC Online brings another dimension towards helping increase both fundraising and business revenues as well as cutting administration expenses," says Catherine Pagliaro, CEO, C.N. Wylie Group Inc., "This will result in an increased bottom line for both businesses and charitable organizations!"

For a real time online example go to: We encourage you to try a donation to the Canadian Red Cross so you can see how simple and easy this system is. For further information see:, Inc., incorporated in the fall of 2004, is a subsidiary company of C.N. Wylie Group Inc. "Since 1994, C.N. Wylie Group Inc and Strategic Profits Inc. have developed innovative, proprietary software solutions in four key areas. All software is designed to assure there are no breaks in security anywhere in the chain of software components delivered to our customer", explains CEO, Catherine Clarke, "The incorporation of the four new companies representing the four core brand technologies sets the stage for an aggressive rollout throughout the Unites States, Europe and Asia -Pacific over the next 18 months."

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